The Process Of Making Tequila

It takes time, patience and dedication to produce Tequila. The most common production process includes the following basic steps:

Farming: The Tequila process begins with the planting of selected shoots (small agave plants separated from the mother plant) which are cultivated for several years (7 to 9). During this time, in order to ensure the healthy growth of the agave plants, several farming tasks such as weeding and pruning are performed regularly. The plants are fertilized with 100% organic formulas that nourish and protect them against possible pests.

The agave plant does not need to be watered since it has the property to use up the rain water to achieve proper growth during the whole year, every year until it reaches its optimum maturation.

Harvesting: Once the plants have reached the proper characteristics for the production of Tequila, the harvesters cut the leaves and extract the core of the agave from the soil. This is known as the "jima". This process is done manually using traditional methods passed down from one generation to the other. A good jimador (harvester) can harvest 8,000 Kg. of Agave per day.

Cooking: The cores of the agave plant are placed in stainless steel ovens where the steam softens their texture and their carbohydrates, converting them into sugars suitable for fermentation. This process takes approximately 50 to 72 hours.

Extraction: At this stage, the cooked agave cores are crushed in sugar cane mills to extract their juices. This process is done by adding water from the well which preserves the flavors from its source and its unmatched quality.

Formulation: This is the process before fermentation by which yeast is added to the juices or musts obtained by extraction converting them into sugars and then into alcohol.

Fermentation: During this process, the yeast transforms the sugars into ethylic alcohol and carbon dioxide and forms other organoleptic compounds that contribute to enhance the final sensorial features of Tequila.

Distillation: Here, a double distillation is carried out in old-fashioned stills designed especially to reach the degree of alcohol needed to produce a crystal clear liquid which is considered 100% natural Tequila.

Maturation: This process consists of the slow transformation of Tequila through which Tequila acquires additional sensorial features such as its aroma, color and texture. These are obtained by means of physical and chemical processes that occur naturally during the aging process of the Tequila in oak barrels or containers. Aged and extra-aged tequilas must age in containers that hold not more than 600 liters.

Mellowing and Aging: The aging process depends on the type of Tequila the producer wishes to obtain. Tequila is then mellowed and aged in different types of barrels and for specific periods of time. These variables ultimately complete the special features of our products.

Bottling: This process consists in putting the Tequila in containers in order to preserve it, to protect its physical and chemical stability until it reaches the market. Tequila must be bottled in new containers authorized by the Health Authorities. The Tequila alcohol content authorized by the Norm ranges from 35 to 55 % Alc. Vol.

Viva Zapata Tequila Store

Viva Zapata Tequila Store is centrally located in Tulum, Quintana Roo Mexico, in the heart of downtown, near the ruins, beaches and cenotes. Our staff are experts in the art of making tequila and mezcal, and are happy to answer any questions you have, including the production of various types of tequila, and the differences between them. There is a tasting room for free tastings of all the varieties (except for some one of a kind bottles), where you can really taste the differences between the many types of tequila and mezcal. The shop is an authentic mexican store, with friendly staff, unique displays and a welcoming environment.

Collectors and connoisseurs from the world over make special trips to bring home these specialty, rare bottles. Be sure to stop in and try some tequila next time you are near Tulum!

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